Are There Any Online LPN Programs?

online lpn programIf you are currently employed full time and have little to no time to spare for study, you may find the idea of online LPN programs very appealing. However, once you start looking for such programs for a couple of days and end up with nothing, you start to ask “are there really such kind programs?”. Trust me I have been in that position before and I still remember how frustrating it was searching for distance learning option for my first LPN training.

I have been doing a lot of research myself regarding LPN programs that can be taken online or through any form of distance education and I have found very little or incomplete information on the internet. Not helpful, usually confusing. Contacting a couple of colleges that offer other online nursing educational programs didn’t produce any results either.

Going through some of the online nursing decision forums and contacting  other nurses who have already completed their training however provided me with great insight about what the LPN program is like.

Before you waste your time looking for such programs, you should know that there is so much hands on clinical skills you have to learn during your LPN training, its practically not possible for you to complete the whole course online. Can you imagine taking care of someone over the internet?

However, you can cut the amount of time you will spend on trip to classes by doing the prerequisites online. These are basic courses that don’t require your physical presence in class room. Some colleges call these programs fast tracks.

Here is a list of common prerequisite courses that can be completed online before commencing the main training:

  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Math
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Human Psychology

Usually, you are expected to pass these courses with a grade of C or better or 2.5 GPA. The number of credits for each course varies depending on the length of the whole course. But in most cases it shouldn’t be more than 5 credits per course. So at a rate of 5 credits; if you complete the above courses, you will deduct 30 credits from you total study. Assuming your training is 9 months long and 90 credit hours; you will save 3 months by completing the prerequisites.

Each college has its own rules about how long the prerequisites will be good for enrolling into their LPN program. The highest I have ever heard of is 10 years. If you didn’t  pass the course completion exam with the required grade the first time, you will be allowed to sit for the exam again. That may be the next semester. You can easily get these info from the college.

Another scenario is: if you move after competing the course. In that case, you can ask the college, where you took the prerequisites, to send your transcript to your new college.

After doing the prerequisites, if you are still pressed for time and can’t commit full time to the remaining course, you should look for colleges that offer evening and weekend classes.

I think this is as far as it goes when it comes to completing your LPN training without disturbing your regular schedule very much. It may not sound as good as the online option as you would imagine but these are the best options available right now.

You can start your search for candidate colleges here on our website. We have gathered contact information of all colleges currently approved by their respective state to provide LPN program. Consult our directory first  and short list possible candidates. Good luck!

Last Modified: 13 Apr 2012