What are LPN Requirements?

If you are getting ready to join a college for your LPN program, there are some requirements you must fulfill in order to get admission. The requirements vary greatly from one college to the next. Your current situation also plays some role in the number of requirements you must fulfill. If you have prior experience in any allied health program and somehow are declared “unsafe,” then you may not be eligible for admission into any SCC allied health program.

In general, you should have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) and you have to be at least 18 years old. There are also some common courses you must complete. Most colleges or vocational schools require the following courses to be completed prior to submitting an application:

  • Math (math in society),
  • Biology (human anatomy & physiology, human anatomy & physiology II, microbiology),
  • Psychology (developmental psychology) and
  • English (English composition).

Usually colleges require that you have at least a 2.5 GPA in these courses. In order to get credit for these courses, you have to produce official transcripts of your school and the time limit for science courses is a maximum of 5 years. There are some colleges who accept up to 7 years.

Students also must complete college reading, developmental writing, and Essential math courses with a “C” or better. Students may need to complete developmental courses in math and English if Academic Skills Assessment Program (ASAP) scores are below the recommended level.

In addition to the education requirements, there are also some legal requirements you should clear before getting admission. Drug test and criminal background check are required and both have to come in clean. Some colleges also take random drug screening throughout the year. These tests are actually conducted if you fulfill the other requirements above and get selected by the college’s admission committee.

Most colleges don’t have a lot of space, so admission is usually based on:

  • cumulative score you get from the nursing admission tests (Math, Reading, Writing, and Science),
  • the kind of related courses you took in high school or in college (if any),
  • diploma or post secondary degree you may have, and
  • your work experience and your location.

Often 50% of the total score comes from the admission tests. If you have just completed high school, you should have some competitive edge over other applicants in this regard.

For specifics of admission requirements of each college, you should contact the college directly by phone or email. There are also some great places like allnurses.com where you can meet some people who have already gone through the process and share their experience. You should read some of these posts to find more information and the opinions of others about the college you are interested in.


Last Modified: 23 Apr 2012