LPN Refresher Course

If you have not been practicing nursing for long time, you will need to take LPN refresher courses in order to activate your license and get back to work as an LPN. Unlike the formal LPN course, the LPN refresher course is very flexible and can be taken online comfortably.

The course contains both theory and clinical parts. For the online LPN refresher course, you can take the theory part anytime and anywhere you wish. And for the clinical rotation, you can make arrangement with a hospital or nursing home near you which allows you to practice your clinicals.

Usually, students try to arrange their clinical rotation in a hospital where they want to start working for after completing their course. This is good, both for the student as well as the hospital. The hospital gets a prolonged time and opportunity to check out the performance of the nurse before hiring and for the student; it will give him/her ample time to get familiar with everything in the hospital. There wont be any time wasting, preparing the student for duty, if the hospital decides to hire the nurse. Most hospitals are happy to accept students to do their clinical rotation, as long as they have space. Usually, if your timing is not right, the available spaces may get filled with fresh graduates from colleges. So you should keep this in mind when planning your LPN refresher course.

When you sign up for the LPN refresher course, make sure that the course is approved by your state board of nursing. You can find their address and some additional useful information for every state nursing board here on our website.

In some states, to get your license back, you may be required to produce CPR certification. Generally the documents you need to submit when applying to reinstate your license are as follows:

  • Professional liability insurance
  • Current nursing license or in process of re-instatement of license
  • Proof of current immunization
  • background check and drug screening

There may be some cost involved in the background check and drug screening, so you should take that into consideration as well. To find more information on how you can re-instate your license, please check this page: LPN licensure

What does the LPN refresher course include?

Usually the theory part of the course has five modules:

  1. Nursing Concepts
  2. Nursing Skills
  3. Nursing Interventions
  4. Adult Health Nursing
  5. Mental Health and Aging

All modules focus on different cases, to give you a practical overview of the concept. Once you are done going through each module, you will be presented with an assessment test.  The last module is the practical part. The number of hours you may need to spend doing clinical rotation may vary from one course to another, but the ballpark is 120 hours.

Once you are through with your course, you need to arrange for a proctor, who will supervise your final exam.

Most schools and colleges provide LPN refresher courses for under $900. If you are currently employed and cannot commit to the course full time, you will find a lot of options to do the course online at a reasonable cost. Please look through our list of state approved LPN schools to see if they have LPN refresher course.

Last Modified: 02 Feb 2012