LPN Entrance Exams

LPN Entrance Exam

Once you shortlisted the colleges you want to enroll at for your LPN training, the next step is to find out their admission requirements. One of the main admission requirements for most LPN programs is an entrance exam. Commonly all nursing schools require new students to take pre-admission or entrance exam. The exam result will help the school determine that you have what it takes to become a successful nurse.

The higher you score on this exam, the better your chance will be in getting admission for the semester you apply for. In addition to the nursing entrance exam, there are additional admission requirements one has to meet in order to be considered for admission.

Currently there are five nursing entrance test conducted by different organizations. When you apply for LPN program, your first task should be to find out which of these five tests you will be taking. It’s a good idea to get familiar with all five exams because you never know which test you will be required to take by each college you apply to. Sometime, you may need to apply for more than one program to increase your chance of getting admission and each college you apply to may ask you to take different entrance exams. So it’s a good idea to learn a little bit about them before hand.

Current LPN entrance exams:

Discontinued Exams

  • NET – Nursing Entrance Exam

NLN PAX PN – Notational League for Nursing Pre-Admission Exam

The national league for nursing (NLN) provides a range of services for nursing students and educators. One of these services is the pre-admission exam also know as PAX. The exam is available for both practical and registered nursing students.

Every time you take the PAX exam, you will be provided with a set of questions from one of the six they have ready for that batch. Each exam will have 214 multiple choice questions with 54 of them being experimental. The experimental questions are not scored. They are there simply to help NLN gauge the difficulty of the exam and make adjustment for future exams. They will not affect your final score in any way but there is no way to identify them either.

Subjects Number of Questions Allotted Time (min)
Scored Experimental
Verbal 60 20 60
Math 40 14 60
Science 60 20 60
Total 160 54 180

HESI A2 – Health Education Systems Inc.

This exam is provided by Elsevier. The exam is available throughout the nation in more than 300 centers. Elsevier has a virtual learning environment called Evolve and the exam is administered through this system. HESI A2 contains a total of 10 subjects and 326 questions. Some of these subjects are not required for LPN entrance exam. For example the physics part is only required for radiology students.

Subjects Number of Questions Allotted Time (min)
Math 50 50
Reading Comprehension 47 60
Word Knowledge 50 50
Grammar 50 50
Chemistry 25 25
Anatomy and Physiology 25 25
Biology 25 25
Physics 25 25
Learning Style 14 15
Personality Style 15 15
Total 326 340

TEAS – Test of Essential Academic Skills

Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) is the company behind TEAS exam. The company specializes in nursing education and provides a number of educational services for nursing students and educators.

The TEAS exam contains a total of 170 questions in 4 subject categories. The questions are all in multiple choice format and you will get 209 minutes to complete the exam. All questions are scored equally and you have to attempt all questions. Unanswered or blank questions are regarded as incorrect. ATI also provides an online practice assessment exam called TEAS V, which helps you prepare for the main exam. You can find more information about practice exam on API website.

Subjects Number of Questions Allotted Time (min)
Reading 42 58
math 30 51
English and Language Usage 48 66
Science 30 34
Total 150 209

HOBET – Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test

This exam is also offered by ATI and it has the exact same format and fee structure as the TEAS exam. HOBET used to be offered by Educational Resources Inc. which is now acquired by ATI.

Aptitude for Practical Nursing Examination

Psychological Services Bureau Inc. (PSB) offers this exam along with other 3 exams. The exam contains five parts namely: academic aptitude, spelling, information in the natural sciences, judgment and comprehension in practical nursing situations and vocational adjustment index. The total number of questions is 360 and you will be given 105 minutes to complete all questions.

Subjects Number of Questions Allotted Time (min)
Academic Aptitude 90 105
Spelling 50
Information In The Natural Sciences 90
Judgment And Comprehension In Practical Nursing Situations 40
Vocational Adjustment Index 90
Total 360 105

In all exams, you can not use calculator. To prepare for these exams the best approach is to buy a study guide or borrow from the school library. The guides will walk you through the exam formats and provide you with tips on how to tackle each question type. The study guides usually come with a large number of practice questions. You should attempt all of these questions and try to time yourself while doing that.

Some of the above exam providers also offer their own study material for a fee. For instance ATI offers an online practice test called TEAS V. It costs $37 to take the exam. This test will get you familiarized with the exam environment and provide you with 150 questions to practice with.

Last Modified: 05 May 2012